Panels and Conventions

Upcoming Appearances

I love going to conventions, doing panels, and signing books and games. It's fun to travel, and meeting fans, gamers and people with the same interests always makes for a great weekend. So if you see me at a show, a signing or a panel, stop by and say hello!

As I find out about upcoming appearances, I'll try to list them on this page, along with any panels or Q&A's that are scheduled before a convention.

Paris Games Week, 2010

This was the crowd at our booth at Paris Games Week. It was an amazing event, and our hosts (and the fans!) were so incredibly enthusiastic and wonderful. We did several Q&A's, interviews, and day after day of open demos of GW2. The support and excitment for our game in Europe is amazing! I hope I get to go back next year and see everyone again. I have to tell you - as awesome as the view is looking into the booth, it's even more incredible to be up on stage! (The guy shooting me a peace sign in the front row is my favorite part of this picture! Kudos, nameless Parisian gentleman!)