Author Brief

Ree Soesbee is a writer, game designer, and lore editor for massively multiplayer online games as well as traditional pen and paper RPGs. She has authored more than sixteen novels in a wide variety of fantastic worlds ranging from the popular Legend of the Five Rings setting to Star Trek, Dragonlance, Deadlands, and Vampire: the Masquerade. Her body of work includes over a hundred RPG texts, and inclusion in numerous short story anthologies and professional literary journals. Currently, she is a Narrative Designer for Guild Wars 2; innovative follow-up to the award-winning Guild Wars MMORPG. Already, Guild Wars 2 has received Gamescom's 'Best Online Game' and's 'Most Anticipated MMO' awards.

Gallery of Past Events

Pictures of conventions, book signings, and other happenings, and some random pictures to boot!

Photos & Interviews

Interviews, discussions, Q&A's and conversations with the author, about her novels, Guild Wars 2, and past events.

Current Projects

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG currently in development by ArenaNet, as a sequel to their acclaimed Guild Wars online game series. While working on the storyline for GW2 takes up the lion's share of her time, Ree is also finishing a novel to be released in 2011 through Mirrorstone book publishers, as well as a new novel series currently in its inception. In the future, we're planning to update this site with sample chapters, music roughs, ArenaNet press releases and featured content, as well as game reviews, links to forums and online sites where you can read more about or discuss Guild Wars 2 or other projects. To read more about Guild Wars 2, flip to our page about Online Games!

The Storyteller

In addition to her literary work, Ree studies Japanese, and is a student of both Aikido and Kenjutsu. A lover of music, she plays the violin, the rebec, the guitar, and the bodhrán, and also writes music and lyrics for various personal projects. Born in Delaware, Ree has lived in North Carolina and Los Angeles, and now makes her home in Seattle, Washington.